National B2B Wholesale Distribution Network Of Liquidation Appliance Truckloads

  • Scratch & Dent Appliance Truckloads
  • Haul-Away Appliance Truckloads
  • Customer Return Appliance Truckloads
  • Salvage Appliance Truckloads
  • Warranty Return Appliances
  • and many more...


A Trusted Resource for Scratch & Dent Appliance Stores Since 2015

We are your one stop shop for discount wholesale liquidation appliance inventory in bulk. We sell truckloads of appliances from various vendors and contracts. We do not charge for our wholesale membership – COMPLETELY FREE. We do not overfill any of our programs – providing our members stable, consistent supply of appliance liquidation inventory.

We sell truckloads of appliances from various Wholesale Liquidation Programs originating all across the US including, California, Texas, Ohio, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Oregon and several other states. We have been a staple in the wholesale appliance industry for quite some time. We have thousands of members in our wholesale program with hundreds of referrals from appliance store owners JUST LIKE YOU!

Types of Appliances We Sell


Haul Away Appliances

  • Most Affordable Wholesale Supply
  • Wide Variety of Appliance Brands/Types
  • Requires the Ability to Fix Appliances


Scratch and Dent Appliances

  • Like New Condition with Possible Cosmetic Damage
  • Typically Current Model
  • Top Quality Products for Your Customers


Customer Return Appliances

  • Typically Better Value than Scratch & Dent
  • Typically Current Model
  • Requires the Ability to Fix Appliances


De-Manufacture Appliances

  • Top Value for Cost vs. Condition
  • Requires Labor to Meet Program Requirements
  • Typically Current Model


Salvage Appliances

  • Lowest Cost for Current Model Appliances
  • Supplies High Value Parts and Repairable Appliances
  • Requires the Ability to Fix Appliances

Wholesale Programs


Costco Scratch & Dent Appliances


  • Full Truckload Only- Pallets
  • Smaller Program
  • Direct Ship


Home Depot Customer Return Appliances


  • Blend- Returns and Scratch & Dent
  • High Piece Count
  • Wide Variety of Appliances


LG 48 Hr Customer Return Appliances


  • As-Is No Manufacturer Warranty
  • Requires Ability to Fix Appliances
  • Generally High MSRP Appliances


Lowes Customer Return Appliances


  • Our Most Popular Program
  • Wide Variety of Appliance Types/Brands
  • Blended Appliance Conditions


Neu In-House Haul Away Appliances


  • Low Price Inventory
  • Small Lot, 1/2, or Full Truckload
  • Pickup or Freight Available


Samsung 48 Hr Customer Return Appliances


  • High Customer Demand Appliances
  • Great Margins Post Repair
  • Good Mix of Appliance Types


Whirlpool Scratch & Dent Appliances


  • Full Truckload Only
  • Very Popular Resell Appliances
  • Loyal Brand Customer Base

Our Resources

Wholesale Appliance Truckload Example Videos and More

We are constantly striving to provide our wholesale members more value. Our YouTube Channel is geared towards helping Appliance Store Owners just like you! We post weekly example videos of truckloads from wholesale programs we sell, Business Tips, Marketing tips and many more! Check it out!

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Wholesale Appliance Parts

Helping you find the parts you need

Our members have access to wholesale pricing on our Appliance Parts! We stock thousands of appliance repair parts. New Appliance Parts, Like New / Open Box Appliance Parts, Certified Refurbished Appliance Parts, and Used Appliance Parts.

We specialize in appliance parts that are discontinued, back-ordered, or hard to find. We stock cosmetic bulky items generally not stocked by distributors and manufacturers like Refrigerator Doors, Panels, Cabinets etc.  We give you the ability to replace that refrigerator door that has a dent or a scratched handle. The possibilities are endless!


“In the Wholesale Industry; Your success is our success!”

-Scott Burger CEO, Neu Appliances

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We Help Business Owners Succeed!

We work hand in hand with thousands of appliance retail stores across the country in all shapes and sizes. Follow the links below to learn about the different types of appliance stores and resellers we work with on a daily basis. We centralize many appliance liquidation programs in our network and match you with inventory that meets your appliance store’s needs.

  • Brand New Scratch & Dent Appliance Stores
  • New + Used Current Model Only Scratch & Dent Appliance Stores
  • New + Used Current and Older Model Appliance Stores
  • Used Appliance Stores
  • Learn More About Businesses We Work With!